Liquid Preparation

The dilemma we all faced as kids:

We all have taken cough syrups when we got cold and seasonal flu as kids, all of those syrups came in different flavours from strawberry to orange all of these different types of cough syrups were made to cure the cough by different companies having one thing in common the typical artificial taste due to excessive fruit flavours. You take the cough syrup while going to school and by the time you reach there and you are already dozing off which makes you lose focus, not only as children this is common in adults as well the difference is that while children doze off in school adult has to pay it in the office, which can cause a whole ruckus. Not only cough syrups, but the typical height increasing tonics which taste funny, filled with an excessive amount of herbs which makes it taste very bad, same goes for other syrups and tonics which have a typical mainstream taste but shows effects very late.

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