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Intervention Studies & Quality Assurance  

As Per WHO Norms

About Us

SAMKEM shines brightly in India’s pharmaceutical realm as a distinguished manufacturer of medicinal products.

Rooted in ethical principles and driven by innovation, we strive to deliver advanced pharmaceutical solutions that prioritize health and safety.

Within SAMKEM, a fusion of skilled professionals and cutting-edge infrastructure forms the backbone of our operations, enabling us to soar to new heights in the manufacturing of diverse pharmaceutical offerings.


What We Do


The latest art of machinery with full automation, setting the bar with PIC/S standard compliance

Chemical lab

Our commitment is to ensure top-notch quality products


Our commitment to quality is upheld by well-experienced in-house personnel


Hub for storing raw materials, packaging materials, & manufacturing ancillary


India’s one of the leading manufacturers of pharma products. We are equipped with skilled human resources, maintaining professional quality control and testing systems, and a certified regulatory body.

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