About Us


SAMKEM is India's one of the leading manufacturers of pharma products.Our company is driven by ethical values and innovative ideas to produce advanced pharmaceutical products that ensure no health hazards. At SAMKEM, we are equipped with skilled human resources and cutting-edge infrastructure to achieve a high trajectory growth in manufacturing various pharmaceutical products.

Maintaining quality and safety is our utmost priority, and thus we have adapted to a professional quality control and testing system. Our quality control department is well-versed with the regulatory guidelines for manufacturing pharmaceutical products. We also ensure that products undergo a top-notch quality assessment process for maintaining health standards.

Our manufacturing facilities have been ratified and certified by various regulatory bodies. In addition, we follow all the standardized guidelines for manufacturing pharmaceutical products that undergo strict testing and assessment processes before reaching the consumers. Along with the domestic partnerships, we have also bagged multiple international contracts.

Our Journey

Our journey as a pharmaceutical product manufacturing facility started in 1987 in Indore. Our company has so far made a seamless journey towards a high-curve growth trajectory. With the advent of time, we have adopted innovative technologies, high-tech types of machinery, and target-oriented approaches to meet the demand of our clients. Find a guide to the incredibly successful journey of our manufacturers of medicines in the following section.
  • 1987: The journey began in 1987, and we have never looked back since then. Our initial facility was established in Indore.
  • 2009: In 2009, our business took a significant leap towards success by establishing a larger facility with a higher production capacity.