Repacking Range

Repacking is a highly demanded service in the pharmaceutical industry, and SAMKEM offers top-class pharmaceutical repackaging solutions in India. Understanding the customer is the most crucial factor in repacking service. We optimize the process through our experience, skills, and innovative ideas. We have dealt with many projects, including high-expenditure projects and small customized orders.

SAMKEM, one of the leading manufacturers of pharma products, has the most advanced facility for the repacking solution. Our experts are poised with years of experience in this field, and they understand the global market demands and trends. Moreover, our facility boasts advanced equipment to ensure a seamless repacking service. The flawless repacking job is done within an affordable budget, and thus the end-product becomes affordable to the buyers.

Our Product


Glycerin IP

Castor Oil 100ml, 50ml

Boric Acid

Liquid Paraffin 100ml

Liquid Paraffin 400ml

Turpentile Oil 100ml, 50 ml

Zinc Oxide 20gm